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Ready to Serve our Customers in Gwinnett Cunty!If you are needing repair service for your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace in Gwinnett County and you are not sure who to call, you have come to the right place.  Cool Max Heating & Air Conditioning Services the Gwinnett County Area.  We are a local, family-owned, Christian HVAC company who strives to honor God in business. All of our professional technicians are EPA certified.  We are fully licensed and insured to operate in the State of Georgia. Our success is attributed to our honesty and integrity.  Our customers have given us a 5 Star Rating on Kudzu.  We stand behind our work and try to always treat our customers the same way that we would like to be treated.
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My Evaporator Coil is Frozen – I have Ice on my A/C

Some of the most common complaints we here in the summer in Gwinnett County is that the evaporator coil is frozen or there is ice on the air conditioner.  If this happens, you should turn your air conditioner off and call for service.  One of the most common reasons for the air conditioner to freeze up is that it is low on refrigerant (FREON).  If your air conditioner is low on FREON, it can freeze up and then stop working.  Once the ice thaws out it will usually run again. The danger in letting that happen is, if the air conditioner is low on FREON and you continue to let it operate with low refrigerant, it can damage your expensive compressor, costing you a lot of money. It is better to be safe than sorry.  Call Cool Max Heating & Air to come check your refrigerant levels at your Gwinnett County home to make sure that it is safe to operate.  Refrigerant is not supposed to leak out.  It should be like your refrigerator which is a closed system.  If FREON has escaped from your system, it means you have a leak somewhere.  If you add more refrigerant without fixing the leak it will just leak out again.  Your trained HVAC professional should do a leak check to determine where the refrigerant is escaping from your system and determine if the leak can be repaired.

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