Need Heating and/or Cooling Repairs in the Hamilton Mill area?

It’s a typical hot summer day in Atlanta and your air conditioner has stopped working.  It gets so terribly hot in the Hamilton Mill Area that you can’t survive the heat along with the humidity without a working air conditioner.  Unfortunately, your house in Hamilton Mill is much hotter than it even is outside thanks to your insulation.  Your power bills have skyrocketed and you figure it is because of the heat.  However, even after you have your air conditioner repaired you notice that your utility bills are still extremely high.  If this situation has happened to your, perhaps you may need a home energy audit to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency.

You may be unaware that your heating and air conditioning equipment may not be running at its optimum performance. Many homeowners in Hamilton Mill Georgia experience high power bills, particularly in the summer, when the heat is causing the air conditioner to run continuously.  A poorly tuned-up air conditioner could be the cause of the problem.  Many untrained technicians who work for other companies simply assume that because your equipment is cooling your home, then it is working just fine. While it may be cooling, there is a chance that it is not running at its optimum efficiently. Our heating and AC specialists can perform diagnostic tests to reveal any underlying problems that are not obvious. Sometimes it may be a lack of insulation that is contributing to the high utility bills. Our  tests and evaluation can identify a variety of energy efficiency problems that we can correct in order to save you hundreds of dollars every year in the future.

Smart homeowners in Hamilton Mill understand that the heating and cooling equipment are the most expensive appliances in their home. That’s why they have a regular HVAC maintenance plan in place to keep their heating and cooling equipment running properly. If there is an issue with their a/c or furnace, their highly trained Cool Max technician can catch the small problems before they develop into major problems – which can cost much more than a visit from one of our technicians. Taking good care of your furnaces and air conditioners will help them last much longer.  Our maintenance customers receive so many other benefits from our maintenance plan.  Not only do they get two personal efficiency tune-ups each year, they get a standard filter change, 15% discounts on all repair parts and labor, reduced service calls, and 24 hour HVAC emergency service.

To learn more about our maintenance plans for our Hamilton Mill Customers click here.

If you live in the Hamilton Mill, or Gwinnett County area and suspect you may be in need of some heating and/or air conditioning repairs, contact the professionals at Cool Max Heating and Air Conditioning. We are here to make sure that you get your money’s worth from your heating and cooling equipment all year long.

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