How an Earth Loop System Works:

A geothermal heating & cooling system taps into the earth’s stored energy by using a series of buried high-density polyethylene pipes referred to as the earth loop system. The polyethylene pipe is not glued together. It is actually “heat fused” together so that it becomes one continuous pipe. This type of loop system is considered a closed loop system. It typically comes with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Vertical Loop System

A geothermal earth loop system can be configured in a number of different ways. For homes with limited yard space, a vertical loop system can be installed by boring vertical holes – usually between 150′ to 300′ deep. Vertical boreholes are typically spaced 15 to 20 feet apart. The loop pipe is inserted in the hole and sealed with a grouting solution. It typically takes one borehole per ton of equipment capacity. So a three ton system would usually require 3 bore holes.

Horizontal Loop System

A horizontal loop system can be used when there is a large yard. Trenches are typically spaced 15 to  20 feet apart. As the water travels through the pipes it exchanges heat with the earth. In the summer. it takes the heat from the house and deposits it in the earth. In the winter. it takes the heat from the earth and delivers it to the house. It is basically a heat pump that uses the earth to exchange heat rather than the air. The key to achieving the desired results with a geothermal system is having a quality install.

An added benefit to a geothermal heat pump is free hot water in the summer time.

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