Air Conditioning 101

By September 24, 2015Uncategorized

How does my air conditioning unit keep me so comfortable in the summer?

I’m glad you asked.

The fundamental purpose of your air conditioning unit is to move warm air from inside your house to outside your house. To do this it has five essential parts. The first one is a heat exchanger outside your home, the second, a heat exchanger inside your home. Third, there’s refrigerant piping, fourth is the ductwork that delivers cool air to your rooms and draws warm air back into the system and fifth, a thermostat, that tells the system when to turn off and on. Other parts include the compressor, located outside, it circulates the refrigerant through the pipes. the air filter, which does just what it says it does, filters dust and dirt particles out of the air that is headed inside your home, and a condensation pump that removes water that drips from the inside unit.

One way to understand how your air conditioning unit works is to think of the refrigerant in the pipes as a heat conveyor belt. The inside heat exchanger puts hot air onto the conveyor belt and the outside heat exchanger takes it off, this is how heat gets removed from your home. The other components of your system are there to make the process happen more efficiently. Your compressor not only circulates the refrigerant around your system, but it also increases the pressure so it can absorb and release heat more effectively. The blower circulates air around your home and the thermostat allows you to set your desired temperatures.

Now you know the ins and outs of your air conditioning system. Thanks for asking.

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