When to Call an AC Repairman

By August 12, 2015Uncategorized

It’s the dog days of summer, your AC unit is making loud or strange noises, or only hot air is coming out, worse yet, it’s not functioning at all! While any of these may strike fear into the heart of a sweaty home-owner, these are also very common reasons to call a professional.

If you are experiencing problems with your AC we have a few common sense recommendations you’ll want to look at before you call in the professionals.

First, and easiest, check your thermostat, make sure it’s set to the proper temperature, and hasn’t been accidentally switched from cool to heat. We know, that seems like a “no brainer” but it just takes a second to double check.

Secondly, clean your air conditioner. Dust, and debris around and inside your AC can reduce its efficiency thereby reducing its ability to cool properly. Before you clean it, please shut off the power.

Third, check your drainage tubes for any blockages or obstructions. This is one of the most common reasons home-owners call in a repairman, and also one of the easiest to fix. If you see pooling water around or below your unit, it is usually the result of obstructions like dirt, algae or ice. You can clean out or replace the tube if you find a problem.

Finally, change the filter. When your AC is running regularly, it is recommended to change the filter every month.

If none of these are a solution to your AC problem, then it becomes time to call for an AC repairman.

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