Furnace Repair

If your gas furnace in Buford GA is not working properly, don’t take any chances.  Call a professional HVAC contractor to come service your furnace as soon as possible. Our trained professionals at Cool Max are well equipped to handle any furnace repairs that you may need in Buford GA.  Our service vehicles are stocked will an inventory of parts that are most commonly used for furnace repairs.  A furnace is a combustion burning appliance.  If it is not tuned up properly, or has developed a crack in the heat exchanger compartment, it can emit dangerous carbon monoxide gas into your home’s breathing environment in Buford GA.  Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless tasteless gas that can make you and your family sick and if not caught soon enough, can lead to death.  It is referred to as the “silent killer”.  Often homeowners will think that they are getting the flu or start feeling sick, when in fact, they are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Cool Max takes special care to test every furnace we service in Buford GA with a combustion analyzer, which can detect carbon monoxide gas.  This powerful tool has been known to save lives.  It is important to us at Cool Max, to help keep our family of Cool Max customers in Buford, GA safe.


It is critical that homeowners in Buford, GA have an annual safety check-up and a mechanical tune-up of their furnace each year before using it.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple adjustment, to make the gas burn cleaner and eliminate the emission of carbon monoxide gas. Annual furnace maintenance is important so that little problems can be caught before they become big, expensive or dangerous ones.  Regular furnace maintenance can also help to keep your utility bills lower.  If the chamber of the heat exchanger has been compromised and leaks have formed, it is a sign that you should probably replace your furnace with a new one.

The blower motor in your furnace runs all year long.  It is the fan in your furnace that circulates the air through your house by the use of air distribution pipes called the duct system. Since the furnace is operating all year long, it is important to keep it running efficiently in order to not only keep your family safe, but to also help reduce your utility bills.


If your furnace has reached the end of its useful life, Cool Max can help you select a new furnace, based on your particular needs. Remember, the furnace is used all year long to circulate the air throughout your home in the Summer as well as the Winter months.  When you replace your furnace, it is a good time to look at the new options that are available.  There are 2-stage furnaces, variable speed blower motors and high efficiency 95% efficient furnaces.  Our Cool Max professional will be happy to explain what options are available for your furnace replacement.

Whether you need a furnace inspection in Buford GA, or a furnace repair or a brand new furnace, Cool Max is ready and able to help you with all your furnace repairs and service.  You can rest assured that you will be in good hands with Cool Max.

For a Furnace Safety Inspection and Tune-up call COOL MAX HEATING & AIR today at 678-749-7009.