Need a New Furnace, Air Conditioner, or Heat Pump, or Repair Service in Gainesville, GA?

If you are needing a new furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump or you need repairs for your HVAC equipment in Gainesville Ga, Cool Max is the best choice to help you.  We are a local, family-owned, Christian company that strives to always honor God in our business.  We attribute our growth to our honesty and integrity by the way we treat our customers in Gainesville GA and the surrounding area.  We believe that the customer should be treated the same way that we would like to be treated.  Cool Max is licensed and insured and we value our Gainesville customers’ comfort and safety.

My Upstairs is Too Hot

cool_max_heating_air_conditioning005011If you experience uneven temperature in your home in Gainesville GA, call COOL MAX.  We will find out what is causing the problem and suggest solutions to fix it.  We have special tools and equipment designed to measure air flow.  Our trained technicians have extensive knowledge in duct design, air flow, and know how to perform a “heat load” calculation on your home in Gainesville GA to determine the correct size equipment that will give the performance that you need in order to be comfortable.  Often our customers think that since they are not comfortable upstairs that they need a bigger unit.  Be cautious about selecting a bigger heat pump, or air conditioning unit for your home.  If the size of the a/c or heat pump equipment is not properly sized to matched the needs of your home, including the ductwork, it can end up causing you even more problems than you currently have.  An oversized unit can short cycle and not run long enough to pull the humidity out of your house, which can make you feel uncomfortable, satisfy only the rooms closest to the thermostat and cause even more problems.  If it doesn’t run long enough to remove the humidity from your house in Gainesville, it could even cause you to have a problem with mold.  Sometimes uneven air temperatures are not the cause of too small a unit, it could be a problem with the design of your duct system.  The duct system is a series of pipes that distribute the conditioned air throughout your home.  If the system is poorly designed and the air can not get to where it is supposed to go, it can cause rooms to have uneven temperatures. In some cased there is only one air conditioner serving two separate levels in your house.  If that is the case, then there will always be uneven temperatures between the two floors.  The law of science will prevail  – HEAT RISES. The upstairs will always be hotter.  There is a fix for that.  Cool Max can help you with an electronic zoning system which has separate thermostats for each floor. Call our office to find out more about zoning and how it can help even out temperatures in your home in Gainesville.

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