Home Energy Audit

Testing Equipment for Energy Audits!

Testing Equipment for Energy Audits!

A home energy audit is an inspection and evaluation of your home’s current energy efficiency.  Cool Max performs home energy audits to examine not only your HVAC equipment, but also your entire house. The audit starts with an initial consultation. Like a doctor, the auditor will ask a series of questions about problems that you may have noticed in your home. The auditor will inspect your heating & cooling equipment, your duct system, and even the current insulation levels in your home.  The auditor will use the infiltrometer blower door testing equipment that was developed by the US Dept. of Energy along with a digital air capture flow hood. This high-tech testing equipment allows the auditor to find energy wasting air leaks in your home as well as within your duct system. Once the test is completed the auditor will analyze the results and make recommendations for improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Do you want to pay to heat and cool your attic?

Every month you could be paying to heat and/or cool your attic or crawlspace because of air leaks in your duct system, and not even know it. Since air is invisible, how can you find out if this is happening at your house? Simple – get your house tested. A home energy audit can show you how to save thousands of dollars by making your house more energy efficient.

US Department of Energy Statistics

The US Department of Energy reports that “typical duct systems lose between 25% to 40% of the heating and cooling energy …from duct leaks.”

Scientific Testing Using New Technology

The right technology, knowledge of heating and cooling systems, combined with building science principles result in scientific factual solutions that really work. Knowing how the house works in connection with the heating and cooling equipment as a complete system, is important to finding solutions. We have the right equipment and training to get to the facts!  We are Home Energy Analysts Certified by The Building Performance Institute, Duct Envelope Tightness Certified, as well as a Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Analyst certified by the National Comfort Institute. Call us today to schedule your home energy audit and find out how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home and start saving money on utilities right away.

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