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Replacing heating & air conditioning equipment is an important decision to make because it is a big investment in your home and your family’s health and comfort.  With so many different brands of equipment to choose from, how do you know which one is the best? How do you know which efficiency rating is the best?  Where do you look to find the best advice when replacing heating & air conditioning equipment at your home?

When Replacing Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment:

Cool Max is dedicated to helping our customers make the right choice specific for their individual needs, by giving them the knowledge they need to make it.  Our technicians are experienced with all types of equipment including Rheem, Amana, Ruud, Carrier, Trane, Goodman, etc. and know what kind of problems are typical with different types of HVAC equipment.  We are often asked which brand of heating and cooling equipment is the best brand.  All brands have their pros and cons – even good years and bad years.  One thing remains unchanged – the type, or brand of equipment installed is typically not as important as the quality of the work performed during the install process. And believe me, it is a process.  Most people think that when they buy a new air conditioner it’s like buying a toaster that you just plug in.  Not true.  When you buy a new air conditioner, you are actually buying equipment that requires strict install principles in order for it to work safely and efficiently.

If proper steps are not followed during the installation process, then you can expect premature failure of your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump and a lot of aggravation and extra expense. Going with the cheapest bid often results in costing the most money in the long run because of unnecessary equipment repairs and premature equipment failures.

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Cool Max is a RHEEM Pro Partner. We chose Rheem because of the reliability and efficiency of their equipment. The Rheem distributor is easy to work with and is always helpful if there is a warranty issue with the equipment. The replacement parts are almost always readily available and we seldom have to wait for parts to be special ordered. Keeping our customers up and running is so important to Cool Max. The replacement parts are reasonable priced in comparison to some other brands.

Facts to consider before replacing heating & air conditioning equipment:

According to a survey by the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) only 28% of homeowners who replace their heating and air conditioning equipment were satisfied with the results. The other 72% felt that the main reason they replaced their system was not even resolved. Why?  Because a heating and air conditioning system is not a commodity like a refrigerator, toaster, or oven.  Its efficiency, reliability, performance and safety are directly related to the quality of the installation, proper sizing, efficient air distribution, duct design, as well as its relationship with the thermal envelope of the house.  The most important factor in the life of your heater and air conditioner is the installation process.  Proper installation, duct sealing and choosing the right size equipment accounts for up to 75% of the operating efficiency and performance of the system you buy.

Whether you are looking for the latest technology – such as inverter technology air conditioner / heat pump, a geothermal heat pump or a reliable, low maintenance, Amana air conditioner / heat pump, Cool Max can help you meet your needs.

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