Amana furnaceHeating Repair Service – Atlanta, GA

If your furnace or heat pump is not working properly, you need to call a licensed and insured professional who can get your equipment up and running again quickly.  For fast, friendly, quality heating repair service in Atlanta, GA and surrounding Metro Atlanta area, call COOL MAX, INC. at 678-749-009.  A gas furnace can give off carbon monoxide gas, if it is not working properly.  This gas is a colorless, odorless, poison that can make you and your family sick.  At high levels it can even cause death.  Don’t take any chances, if your gas furnace is not operating properly, make sure to have it safety inspected by a licensed and trained technician who can use a combustion analyzer to make sure you and your family are safe.

Cool Max is dedicated to the comfort and safety of our customers. That is why we offer 24 hour emergency heating repair service to our Atlanta customers .  For best results, have your furnace or heat pump safety inspected and tuned up each heating season.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Keeping your equipment on a maintenance plan can help keep it running longer, prevent unnecessary repairs, and help keep your manufacturer’s warranty in place.  Our maintenance customers also receive discounts on repairs and service calls.  To learn more about our maintenance plans, click here.  Cool Max loves to take care of our customer’s heating repairs in Atlanta.

If your furnace or heat pump is old and beyond repair, no worries.  Cool Max can replace your heating equipment quickly and get you back warm and cozy in no time.  We are a family-owned, licensed and insured HVAC company who is dedicated to customer service. We truly care about our customers and perform our work based on Bible principles.  We are so glad that you came to our website. We invite you to join our happy family of Cool Max customers so that we can start taking care of you.